One of the Metro trains arriving at a station

Tomorrow the Community of Madrid activates the special Christmas device to guarantee travel by public transport, which will be extended until next January 6, with a reinforcement of...

Aluche interchange with subway car and interurban bus

We have an integrated public transport system, a global benchmark of its kind.

Train 8000 running through the tunnel

The Government Council of the Community of Madrid held this week has authorized an investment of 81,2 million euros for the maintenance of 143 trains of the 3000 and 9000 series, which...

Madrid Metro Station, Cuatro Caminos

The Community of Madrid will reinforce the service on Metro lines 55, 1, 2 and 4 this Thursday by up to 5% for the National Holiday to facilitate access to the central event of the parade of...

The counselor at the meeting

The Community of Madrid is going to begin, next August, the expansion work on Metro line 11 as it passes through Atocha. It is an infrastructure that will communicate the north and the...

Header image #0 of the page "The Community of Madrid expands the public transport service to guarantee access to the Harry Styles concert"

The Community of Madrid will expand the offer of public transport next Friday, July 14, to guarantee the displacement of those attending the Harry Styles concert in the New...

Black and white image of the construction of the line 1

Publications on the expansion of the Madrid Metro, which contain the experience accumulated over these years.

Discover Metro Engine Shed

Enjoy its unique stations, its interpretation centers and its museums.