Labor market

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Analysis of employment in Madrid, with experts, trends, projections, surveys and evaluations

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Reports of exploitation and analysis of statistical data of the Labor Market.

The counselor visiting the center's facilities

The Community of Madrid will allocate 90,8 million euros throughout 2023 to hiring people with greater difficulties in accessing the labor market, such as long-term unemployed,...

10 workers in different occupations

Professional profiles and statistical data on occupations in the Madrid labor market.

One of the pieces in the Easy Apply exhibition

The Community of Madrid has decided the 14th edition of Curator wanted to carry out the exhibition and activity program of the Sala Arte Joven during a semester of 2023. The jury has...

Counselor Javier Lasquetty and Toni Cantó, Director of the Spanish Office

The Community of Madrid offers Spanish classes to Ukrainian refugees to facilitate their access to a job, within the Regional Government's Labor Integration Program. has already...

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The Community of Madrid will allocate a total of 25 million euros to prevent the risk of long-term unemployment as a result of the crisis caused by COVID-19. So approved...

David Pérez has delivered a diploma and a certificate to three students selected by the Envera group

The Community of Madrid collaborates in training for the employment of people with intellectual disabilities, facilitating the incorporation of students over 18 years of age with disabilities...