Employment aid

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Improve your business competitiveness with aid and incentives to create and maintain employment.

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Protected employment companies that promote the labor integration of people with disabilities.

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They integrate people in a situation of social exclusion as a transition to ordinary employment.

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We approach employers in the region, adapting to their needs.

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Actions to promote employment aimed at people with special difficulties of insertion.

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The Governing Council has approved at its meeting this week to increase the investment for hiring people with disabilities in the Special Employment Centers by 7 million euros. Is...

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The Community of Madrid increases its investment in aid by 48% to promote the hiring of long-term unemployed persons over 30 years of age. The Governing Council today approved this measure of...

Header image #0 of the page "We allocate nearly 19 million euros in aid to recover 6.766 workers in ERTE"

The Community of Madrid has allocated 18,8 million euros, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, in direct aid to companies to recover workers in ERTE. In total, they have...