Consumer arbitration


Consumers sometimes encounter problems when buying a product or contracting a service and we often think that it will be useless to complain or claim.


Claims and consumer arbitration are the options that the General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services of the Community of Madrid offers citizens to channel complaints to...

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Filing a claim or a consumer arbitration through the electronic administration of the Community of Madrid is a quick, convenient and simple process.

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We are all consumers at some point in our lives, since we buy things or contract services with companies or professionals. In those moments, we want our rights to be respected...


On a day-to-day basis, consumers and users carry out a large number of acts of consumption, buy goods or contract services in physical establishments.

Online shopping

Increasingly, commercial transactions carried out by consumers take place at a distance, both in the purchase of products and in the contracting of services.

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What is it, how and where to do it

Consumer arbitration application and brochure

Consumer arbitration is a voluntary, free, simple and fast extrajudicial dispute resolution procedure.