Local Management

training room with computers

The Training Program for Local Corporations, aims to organize, schedule and develop professional training courses or dissemination of the local regime, to...

Alcala Town Hall

The Community of Madrid will allocate 162 million to one of the lines of the Regional Investment Program (PIR) 2022/26 aimed at modernizing city councils. This represents an increase of 32,5%...

Electronic Administration Municipalities. Connection to SARA

Relevant information about the SARA Network ...

José Antonio Sánchez presents the inaugural session of these informative meetings

The Community of Madrid has scheduled some traveling sessions to raise awareness among public employees about telephone, in-person attention and the different communication channels offered by the...

José Antonio Sánchez at the National Congress of Innovation and Public Services

Today at the closing ceremony of the XIII National Congress of Innovation and Public Services, the Community of Madrid presented its innovations for the modernization of the region's municipalities. During his...

Aerial view of Old Bridges

Constitution Square, 1 

Puentes Viejas
Aerial view of Quijorna

Church Square, 1 

Aerial view of Rascafría

Villa Square, 1