Several people in the exhibition hall interacting with works

Extended Mediation Program

Arte Joven Hall

La Arte Joven Hall annually hosts, and since 2019, the Extended Mediation program. In this exhibition space we find creations by artists under 35 years of age that, on some occasions and to a large part of the public, may seem somewhat “strange”. For this reason, it is our duty to offer resources that expand and enrich the possibility of generating their own experiences. If we do not trigger ideas and meanings through practices such as mediation, it becomes difficult to generate new interpretations.

Every year we address groups with different profiles, but they all have something in common: towards the end of the sessions and dynamics we generate a return with them that helps the rest of the visitors to get closer to emerging art: an audio guide, a video-decalogue, a sound map, a game board... enormously useful supports that we encourage you to consult and use in your educational and/or artistic practices.

Program 2022 - Families