flamenco glances poster

Miradas FlamenKas

Del 19 November to December 11



Miradas Flamenkas will start its second edition at this end of 2021, between November 19 and December 11, under the slogan Eclectic and electric.

A proposal with pride of the suburbs. Because we want the Culture to burst into force after a long time of reduced capacity; in one of the most traditional Madrid districts. Holy and sign of many of these artists who have their residence here or had it a long time ago. Because the Villa de Vallecas has always received, with open arms, all those who have come from abroad.

Flamenco that is no stranger to new paths, many paths; where electricity will come from guitars and amplifiers, but also from zapateados, falsetas, gyros and poems. And all from a neighborhood, to generate new audiences, beyond the loyalty of the fans or the logical enthusiasm of the tourists. For broaden your spectrum outside the big theaters and tablaos, often located in the center of Madrid.

Flamenco glances that turn on, again, the eyes and all the lights. 

That flamenco, once again be a present necessity in the street. Let the need to attend concerts infect us. The shared experience that best represents the value of the collective to get ahead in difficult times

The poster of the Miradas Flamenkas Festival and its logo, expressly designed by the great Madrilenian communicator and National Design Award 2010, Oscar Mariné, is our “brand” image. 

In it, eight very different proposals are advanced to recognize and, above all, enjoy those open-horizon looks at popular prices.

From a neighborhood in the south of Madrid: Vallecas.