Group of people lying on a blue carpet and covered by a white sheet
Young woman doing a dance move
Two girls sitting facing each other, writing down notes in two notebooks

MADRID31 "Contemporary fantasmagories"

Visual Arts Program 2023

La Alcalá 31 Hall One more year, Madrid31 hosts a program of continuous artistic and visual training that is articulated through conferences and workshops with the aim of completing those aspects that are not specifically included in the academic programs linked to the arts and visual culture.

In this edition, under the title "Contemporary Phantasmagories", we will travel on the shore of the invisible to situate ourselves at a level of symbolic reasoning that forces us to see and understand from the shadow of the immaterial. A tour that invites us to enter dark terrain to reflect on phantasmagoria today, its influence, representation and forms in contemporary art. Starting in the XNUMXth century, we are going to discover a series of suggestive stories and experiences that allow us to reflect on absence and shadow, immaterial bodies and the resonance of the intangible as an impulse for artistic creation.

The echo, levitate, the shadow, dreams, the hidden, the immaterial and the absence are the themes that have been suggested to each of the invited artists, and whose works and research are linked to these concepts. In the conferences and workshops we will claim and resort to a poetic thought in which individual stories, the experimental and stylistic diversity allow us to challenge the concept we have of the physical world.

All the workshops begin with a conference open to the general public in the auditorium of Sala Alcalá 31 of the Community of Madrid, and continue with two days of workshops, which will take place in the spaces of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in the morning (and for which it is necessary to book in advance).


  • Aimed at: students of the Fine Arts degree, Art History and related careers, postgraduate and doctoral students, artists, curators, art critics and anyone interested in the creative field.

  • Free activity
  • It is essential to reserve your ticket through the registration form provided for each workshop (see opening and closing dates for each session). Admission to the conferences is free (pre-registration is not required)
  • For people who enroll in a workshop: attendance at the conferences in the auditorium of Sala Alcalá 31 it is not essential but it is recommended for its development.