Filled in Las Ventas (Author: Laure Crespy)

The fair of San Isidro 2017


The fair of San Isidro 2017 will be remembered for the triumphs of a very young bullfighter, Ginés Marín, who also confirmed an alternative; that of another young man who had also been skimming the glory in Las Ventas, Juan del Álamo; and the one of a veteran with twenty-seven years of alternative behind his back, but with the same illusions as a debutant, Enrique Ponce. All of them opened the dreamed Puerta Grande of the Monumental de Las Ventas, in addition to the rejoneadores Diego Ventura (twice), Leonardo Hernández and Sergio Galán. In total, seven departures on shoulders throughout 32 celebrations, including the runs of the Press, Charity and Culture. In this San Isidro 2017 30 ears were cut, coincidentally the same number of trophies as in 2016.

In the cattle section, 210 bulls of ten different encastes were fought, and two of them were worthy of the return to the ring, prize reserved to the bravest specimens of each season. We speak of "Hebrew", of the cattle ranch of Jandilla, Domecq origin; and of "Liebre" of Rehuelga, Buendía origin. In addition, other 33 bulls were applauded in the drag, taking the palm of Victorino Martín's badges (with four ovated bulls) and those of Alcurrucén, La Quinta and Domingo Hernández (with three bulls cheering each afternoon).

The average capacity of the 32 celebrations reached the 19.625 spectators, which translates into a total of 628.000 visitors throughout the entire cycle, an influx of audiences superior to 2016. In addition, on nine afternoons he hanged himself in the longed for "no tickets" sign.

Fortunately, unlike other occasions, it was not a bloody year, adding eight injured. The matadors Javier Jiménez, David Galván, Alejandro Talavante, Francisco José Espada, José Carlos Venegas and Alberto Aguilar passed through the infirmary; the novillero Juan Miguel, and the banderillero Manuel Muñoz.