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Hunting and Fishing

Licenses, permits, species, preserves, ...

Responsible tourism

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Europa Park.Torrejón

The thematic and leisure parks offer shows, restaurants, attractions, activities and fun. A good plan!

Bikes in the sunset

Two routes between large pine forests, rivers and meadows

Sierra Norte Cycle Tourism

The most beautiful mountain villages, within reach of your bike

Cyclists on the banks of the marsh

Pedaled through one of the most attractive areas for active tourism in the Community of Madrid

CiclaMadrid Aranjuez

A suitable route for lovers of nature, but also for those who like rural areas with charm and cultural heritage

Sierra del Rincón

In spring and autumn, the most beautiful landscapes and places. A real show!

Rosales cable car

In the Community of Madrid the cable transport has a marked leisure character.

People walking in a row through a green field

It is part of the 'Madrid Active Region' program to promote healthy physical exercise among citizens ...