Cyclist on his back contemplating a green landscape

Biking, biking tours in an ecological way

Two works, with 1.873 kilometers spread over 45 routes, passing through the most emblematic areas of the Community

Suitable for younger fans, who do not have a vehicle for transportation, or for those others who do not wish to use it when traveling.

Two cyclists in backlightIn order to practice sports in contact with nature in a totally ecological way, we offer you a series of routes, designed by Thomas Lorenzo Velayos, what pThey can be carried out on foot or by bicycle with the common link of using the train as a means of transport. All of them have their beginning and end in train stations, which makes it possible for young people who lack alternative means of transport to travel, or for those other fans who do not want to use the car, especially on weekends.

All the layouts are collected in two works published by the Community of Madrid, bicitren y Bicitren 2, including 1.873 kilometers Distributed in 45 tours with different levels of demand for all types of fans, in addition to 5 "mini tours" suitable for children. All of them are limited to places close to the Renfe Suburban and Regional Network in our region and neighboring provinces. Both works can be downloaded in digital format and totally free from the Virtual library Publicamadrid.