Exhibition: Madrid photography in times of the Movida

Fwd February 01 al December 19 2023
Seated woman in a black dress

Red Itiner 2023

Despite being dedicated to the photography generated by the Movida —and, therefore, focused on its protagonists—, this exhibition has the ambition to go further and also includes the work of other Madrid photographers who temporarily coexisted with this social and artistic phenomenon. , but who had no connection with him for generational reasons or, simply, focus and themes.

In addition, the proliferation of a new press completely changed the correlation of forces between the media and, since these alternative headlines opted for more visual options, publishing many of the images captured by these photographers who acted as chroniclers of the Movida, the exhibition was complemented by a wide selection of these publications to explain the importance of paper –and, incidentally, of analog work– and show the treasures without which the world we know would not have been possible, magazines and fanzines that are twinned in time with the street posters of the time, also represented in this exhibition by the notable photographic presence in those posters that now return to find their place in our memory.


Curatorship: Paul Sycet

Organized by:  Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports

Free entrance and activities

Contact: museosexposiciones@madrid.org

Press contact: comunicacion.espaciosarte@madrid.org

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