Masters of the Royal Factory of La Granja in Nuevo Baztán

Fwd March 11 al 09 September 2023
Hand handling glass in an outdoor display

glass activities

In 1720, the Fine Glass and Crystal Factory was born in Nuevo Baztán, in which important teachers were trained who, later, would work in the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja.

El Nuevo Baztán Interpretation Center proposes a cycle of activities, aimed at adults, on glass blowing, taught by teachers from the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja, which will give participants the opportunity to learn different techniques such as glass blowing or modeling. recycled glass.



Organized by : Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports. DG Cultural Promotion. SG of Fine Arts

Collaborators: City Hall of Nuevo Baztán and Royal Glass Factory of La Granja

Place of celebration

Juan de Goyeneche Palace
How to get there:

Address: Church Square, s/n. 28514 New Baztan

Interurban buses (Interchange Avda. De América) Line 261 Madrid-Nuevo Baztán